Epsilon Chi Nu

General Information

    Epsilon Chi Nu is a fraternity of Native American predominance. It was founded in the January 1, 1996 and has grown from six original members to three chapters. The Fraternity has both Undergraduate and Graduate Chapters. Although most members of the Fraternity are of Native American background, it is not a requirement for membership. Currently the members come from many tribes including Haliwa-Saponi, Lumbee, Cherokee, Meherrin and Aleut.
    The Fraternity's colors are the turquoise, black and red and it's symbol is the Eagle. As in every Greek organization the Fraternity's letters come from the Greek Alphabet.  The name Epsilon Chi Nu (EXN) comes from our original name The East Coast Natives.

How do I become a brother?

            Becoming a brother of Epsilon Chi Nu is very rewarding yet challenging. To become a brother one must meet a few requirements and go through a Pledge Process. The Pledge Process is a process in which people who have a desire to become a member of a Greek organization go through a period of time where they are taught and tested to see if they are befitting of a brother. The requirements are as follows:
                a) You must be male.
                b) You must have an overall 2.0 GPA
                c) You must be enrolled in a institution of higher learning.

If you wish to learn more please contact us  E-mail